The 14 Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021


Best for: Advanced users Type: Mobile Key strengths: Available on both Android and Apple, the Mycelium app is great for advanced users who want the flexibility of being able to buy and sell bitcoin wherever they are. It is heavily focused on security and is linked with third-party integrations from hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.


Best for: Managing multiple currencies Type: Mobile Key strengths: This is a great wallet that allows you to manage 90+ currencies at the same time. For those who are investing in multiple currencies and want to track them in one place, this is a great option.

Green Address

Best for: Checking details on the go, compatible with hardware wallets Type: Mobile Key strengths: Green Address has a unique ‘watch’ facility which allows users to quickly log in and track how the bitcoin is performing without having to delve into full functionality mode. This flexibility makes it a great choice for people who want to track their …

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Best for: User experience Type: Desktop Key strengths: This is another desktop application that is heavily focused on user experience. The design of the wallet is attractive and easy to use, making it a popular option. As well as storing bitcoins, you can also exchange. The wallet uses graphs to showcase how well your bitcoin is performing, making …

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Best for: Flexibility Type: Desktop Key strengths: This is a more flexible bitcoin wallet as it allows you to install the software directly onto your PC, giving you full control over your bitcoins. It is quick and easy to install on your computer, making it a favourite with newcomers; however, it should be noted that, as stand-alone software, …

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Best for: Multi-chain wallets, versatile – can be used in 25 languages Type: Mobile Key strengths: This is relatively new to the market, having been developed in 2014. It can be used on mobile and desktop and has been designed to be used with multi-chain wallets. It is multi-lingual and has superb security – its track record proudly …

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Best for: Online access, highly trustworthy, ideal for beginners Type: Web Key strengths: This is the original technology that allowed the creation of bitcoins. It is still regarded as one of the safest online ‘banks’ for cryptocurrencies and has low fees. As it is based in the cloud, you do not need to back-up your personal data and …

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Best for: Optimal security, multi-currencies, sleek design Type: Hardware Key strengths: Using a secure chip, this is a great way of feeling confident that your security is taken seriously. It is designed to be used with multi-currencies and can be managed easily on your desktop as well as integrating with many mobile apps.


Best for: Security Type: Hardware Key strengths: As we mentioned above, hardware wallets are often seen as the best bitcoin wallet due to their security processes. Trezor is a physical device that you will need to plug into your computer giving you confidence that it cannot be attacked or stolen. It has a strong focus on password security, …

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Gemini is a security-first platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency that was founded in 2014 in New York City by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss – the well-known twins who sued Zuckerberg over the creation of Facebook. Regulated by the NYSDFJ, Gemini is one of only a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges that are regulated and available in all 50 …

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